The Flood is Real

We are truly knee-deep in the work now. we’ve fully generated and categorized ┬áideas for 3 of the 5 sections/chapters of Unfolding Practice. today we will do the same with the remaining two. We are feeling the weight of the time remaining- and our deadline. So the blog reflections henceforth may or may not come much more on the fly. (we’ll see) For everyone’s info, here are the sub categories that recur throughout all the sections/chapters of the book:

  • Core/Essence
  • Attitudes/Dispositions
  • Inspirations/Quotes/Citations
  • Strategies
  • Insights/Questions
  • Branches

Arzu’s metaphor for what is happening now is a flood. the photo of me here she describes as “capturing the flood”


One thought on “The Flood is Real

  1. I find myself compelled to craft a new accordion book as you unfold your practice in this way. I, like Lois, would love to see more of your documentation of your process and place. And, sign me up for an early edition too! As you both know, accordion book as art based research notebook has become a spine of my k-8 programing, adult education practice as well as my own graphic notation work. I remain grateful for your influence and inspiration.


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