Moving in and Setting Up at Montalvo

Yesterday Arzu and I arrived for our first 2 week Lucas Artist residency at Montalvo Arts Center. We came together from Bangalore and Oakland respectively for some long planned collaborative work, to create a prototype for Unfolding Practice, our book project. Soon after arriving at Montalvo, we unpacked and set up our studio space: Studio 50.  Studio 50 is a sculptor’s space co- designed by monumental sculptor Richard Serra, architect Jim Jennings and the writer Czeslaw Milosz (!)

studio side entrance

We spent a couple of hours rearranging the studio space-creating makeshift containers out of trader joe paper bags for our paintpens/markers/colored pencils etc, setting up shelves and supplies and generally getting the flow of the space right. We also moved several giant power tools out of the space. we won’t be sawing or drilling much (at least at this point)

amazing books

Today we are diving in to the uncertainty space of our collaborative process and beginning the work of co-creating the first iteration of  our book We’ll begin by doing some expansive/improvisational thinking and concept mapping.

We will keep you posted as we work our way through the process.

Todd, 7/7/2015


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