‘IS’ and ‘ABOUT’

Today, Todd and I start making our collaborative prototype for the Unfolding Practice: Reflections on Teaching and Learning accordion book. Yayyy! Finally.

As we embark on this process, we hold the tension and opportunity of wanting this artist book to be, in itself a reflection on our teaching and learning practice, as it simultaneously is about using accordion books as a process for reflecting on ones teaching and learning practice.

I know at present this seems like a fine distinction but it is in this tiny space that I look forward to the artistry we will bring to the project. Greats like Lynda Barry in her book “What it Is” and Ed Ruscha in his “Every Building on the Sunset Strip” are masters of capturing this fine balance of ‘is’ and ‘about’.

In October 2014 I undertook a solo journey to make the first prototype of the book by looking at 6¬†years of accordion books that Todd and I have worked on separately and together. In order to anchor the “is” and “about” tension mentioned above, I squarely began with us walking and talking about our practice and archiving the moment of the genesis of accordion book (Cambridge MA, Summer 2008) as a place to reflect on our practice of artists and educators as it unfolds.

accordion 2012


I feel¬†this literal representation of the ‘moment of walking and talking’ might or might not make it into the final book but today it is an anchor to restart the recursive process of looking and relooking as we walk and talk, up and down the hills of the Montalvo Art Center.

Arzu, July 7th 2015

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  1. Reflection is such an essential part of teaching and learning. Excited to see this collaborative project happening. Please consider this an invitation for the two of you to take a field trip to the Exploratorium and share your progress/process with the tinkering studio team. ;-)

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