Impromptu Conversations with Artists

Yesterday Todd and I decided to skip dinner because we were feeling the pressure of getting to our goal of ‘rough drafting’ out the ‘Mapping the Terrain’ chapter by the end of the day.

What skipping dinner (Montalvo family style dinner with all artists in residence) provoked, was a stream of visitors Nikki Borodi, Takayuki Kubota, Nehera Kalev, and Lori Wood showed up for good conversation and late night artist studio sharing. JUST THE BEST!

We had great conversations and Todd and I got so many more clues and leads about capturing artistic process. We asked each of them about the “things that talk to them” and how these grabby things and ideas in the world catch and hold their attention. We asked them how the “grabby” ideas and things make their way into their work. Taka said moving images outside train windows are grabby to him, Nikki was talking about how you can count on the quirkiness of every single dog you meet and that grabs her.

In response to the question, “How do you get out of your own way?” Nehera said, that she does not even want to use the word “I”.

“I wish that “I” … aren’t there other languages that have lots of words for “I” or don’t have a word for “I”, is that true? I feel like it should be true? I’m making it up. I want to get out of that because its a thing that turns into language that turns into identity that turns into stuff.”

When you get a group of artists together who have a thriving practice and there is immediate resonance to the meta work we (Todd and I) are trying to do in terms of developing a form for capturing reflection on practice, then these questions just causes conversation to flow. We were buzzed and reassured that what we were doing is capturing something useful.

Arzu, July 16th 2015

2 thoughts on “Impromptu Conversations with Artists

  1. Well, that’ll teach you to save time!

    I’m glad you’re back–I missed you yesterday!

    Is the 20th your deadline? Ai yiyi. Clippetty clop, Clippetty clop!

  2. Conversation: the exchange of personal narrative and ideas.
    That is how collective and individual memory is built.
    Now, time to get out of my own way and make some art.
    Thanks for sharing!

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