Breaking down prototype 1

Prototype one above (made in October 2014) was my personal re-take of the ideas Todd and I have shared over the years. I went through a process of looking at our past books and sorting our ideas into 5 chapters. My intention when I started building this prototype was to express the  ideas of the past 6 years of collaborative work. But as I built it, as in any art making process, it changed by moving from something I intended to express about the past to an accordion book that emerged to be a reflection of the past and very much of the present.

text on mappingtext on mapping

Today we re-looked at this prototype to see what we want to build on and what we want to change significantly. Our conversation focused on uncovering the essence of each chapter. Building on Christopher Alexander’s idea of the “quality without a name, the quality that endures,” we were trying to find those strands that have endured through multiple accordion books.

Structurally, the front of the book will visually express our reflections on teaching and learning (past and present) and the back will cite inspirations, tangential ideas and artists and educators who have strongly influenced our work.

Arzu, July 8th 2015

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  1. So excited to have the privilege to see into your process AND anticipating learning a lot from your work. XO

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