One thought on “Arzu Typing: “where is the enter button on this thing?”

  1. There’s something so delicious about making a direct impression of ink on a page. I don’t know why it’s so different, but cognitively, it is. Much more committed, somehow. Not as easily re-shaped or erased. So the work felt more deliberate–more had to be done mentally before making any marks. Now, we do the mental work as we make the marks–seamlessly. I remember having to learn to write directly on a typewriter–and then again on an electric typewriter (it buzzed so unnervingly). Before that, Typewriters were transcription machines–think, pen, then type (which was like writing in stone, or at least cement). Three times removed from the notion as it was conceived. Maybe that’s why I love so my fountain pen with its pear-wood casing.

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